Small Flasks

Glass flasks were intended to hold any number of things – wine, spirits, water, vinegar, medicines, oils and unguents, dyes…

At the present time, not knowing what any of these were actually used for, they are separated by style – visually similar bottles grouped together. Hopefully, research over time and content analysis of those few with content residue remaining will help identify the intended purpose, or at least the final usage, of these smaller containers.

Turquoise Small Flasks

Until I learn otherwise, I am going to suppose that these smalls are some of the earliest, and that they date from around the turn of the 18th century. The colour and consistency of the glass is similar to the Queen Anne bottle, which would date them to around 1708 (plus or minus).

Amber Small Flasks

Unlike the previous Turquoise Smalls, these Amber Small Flasks are very light, very quickly made and poorly finished. I have seen several others outside this collection, one of has a label on it, apparently from an Isfahani merchant.

Pale Aqua Smalls – with and without vertical ribs


Darker Smalls – With and without vertical ribs



  1. Marlena VanHelsing

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this website………. so beautiful…beyond words…..

    • Phil

      I don’t visit often enough! They are a delight – even on a screen! Trying to add another hundred or so images this year. Fingers crossed.


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