Of course, I’m always looking to find additional examples of late Persian glass. In particular, I’m hoping to find any shapes, colours, sizes, etc. of utilitarian glassware that is similar to, or perhaps very different from, the pieces that appear on this site.

In addition, and at this point even primarily, I’m looking to learn more about this glass. I’m interested in photos of Late Persian glass – if you have something in your collection that you believe may be late Persian, please feel free to email me to ask. I’m also looking for books, from any age, that refer to Late Persian glass, or to the wine, rose water or glass-blowing industries in Persian between 1500-1930. I’m doing my best with foreign languages but believe there must be information out that that I’m unaware of.

If you know of any published information on late Persian glass coming out of archaeological digs, I’d be fascinated to read about them. I’m not sure that any of the questions will be laid to rest until archaeological evidence starts to point to dates when this glass was buried.

If you see any instances of Late Persian glass appearing in art (paintings, architecture, etc), I’d love to see or have reference to those.

Finally, I am hoping to publish a reference on late Persians, hopefully around 2017. To support that, I’d really love to find another researcher who might be interested in becoming part of this project.

Phil Culhane