Single-Serving Round-bodied Bottles

I find it fascinating that the ubiquitous english/dutch black glass bottle – the single-serving onion – is represented (to my knowledge, at this time in late 2013) by a single specimen (PC-122). The karabas are the same shape, but twice the size of this bottles. Keeping it company are a variety of other round-bodied, single-serving bottles.


Other Serving Pieces

I struggled with where to put this piece of glass, as there was no obvious home for it. In the end, obviously, I took the guess that it was a table bottle. It has substantial wear and appears authentic. Time will tell.


  1. Jay

    Thanks for the great information I just bought a collection of nine and some of them are paintedfeel free to reach out to me I’d be happy to send you pictures

    • Phil

      Site visitors might be pleased to note that the nine vases jay mention above are now part of a vastly expanded area of the collection!


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