• Region: Possibly Persian – most likely painted in Persia.
  • Estimated Date of Production: Late 1800s.
  • Dimensions: 337 mm in height, 101 mm in circumference.
  • Weight: 267 grams.
  • Colour: Medium blue.
  • Technique:

    Glass pontilled, freeblown, vertical ribbing in neck. Decorated with gilt and flowers.

  • Description:

    Imperfections are obvious in this sprinkler – the sides of the mouth touch, which can’t have helped in use, and there are manufacture lines on the curved neck – the grind marks on the base to flatten the pontil are somewhat ever.

  • Built By:
  • Provenance: Purchased August 2013, from Michigan, USA. Somewhat similar to PC-036 and PC-037, and yet definitely different.
  • Condition: Gilt is somewhat faded, obviously this piece was handled and used.
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