• Region: Possibly Shiraz, Persia.
  • Estimated Date of Production: Early to mid-1700s.
  • Dimensions: 193 mm in height, 145 mm by 121 mm circumference.
  • Weight: 567 grams.
  • Colour: Green aqua.
  • Technique:

    1.5 rings of glass stringing around neck, rounded lip with inner edge, solid pontilled based.

  • Description:

    Unique form for this collection; unique lip finish as well. Bulbous, squat, substantial. Over time and repeated handling, the stringing around the neck of these bottles becomes more pragmatically useful and less decorative – it substantially aids in the handling of the bottles.

  • Built By:
  • Provenance: Purchased from the Fairbourne collection in November 2012; previously in the Brintnall collection.
  • Condition: 17 mm and 10 mm star cracks in the body. Full surface gloss.
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