• Region: Likely Isfahan or Shiraz, Persia.
  • Estimated Date of Production: Mid to late 1700s.
  • Dimensions: 330 mm in height, 217 mm by 99 mm in circumference.
  • Weight: 654 grams.
  • Colour: Olive green.
  • Technique:

    Sand pontilled (no glass residue on base), freeblown, rouletted string rim. Sheared and unpolished (jagged) lip

  • Description:

    Flat-sided Karaba.

  • Built By:
  • Provenance: Purchased December 2013, from Montreal collection.
  • Condition: 9 mm 3-point star on inclusion on flat edge, full gloss.
  • Literature:
  • Related Works outside of this collection:

    One in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC; one in an American collection.