• Region: Likely Isfahan or Shiraz, Persia.
  • Estimated Date of Production: Mid to late 1700s. Cruder, bottle-green glass, unlike PC-024 and PC-025.
  • Dimensions: 276 mm in height, 192 mm in circumference.
  • Weight: 1044 grams
  • Colour: Green. Substantial content residue remains, so the true colour may not be coming through.
  • Technique:

    Smooth base, freeblown, rouletted string rim with a defined “X”, smaller than on PC-040 but quite noticeable. Sheared and unpolished (jagged) lip.

  • Description:

    Small size Karaba in a standard “bottle green” reminiscent of European and British bottles of this era. Pronounced straight-sided neck is notable. Lip extends further than usual above string rim.

  • Built By:
  • Provenance: Purchased July 2012 from a dealer warehouse in NY/NJ. PC-033, PC-034, PC-039, PC-040 came as a set.
  • Condition:
  • Literature:
  • Related Works outside of this collection:

    Nearly parallel neck sides an identifying feature of this piece.