(Globular Wine (PC-109))

  • Region: Likely Shiraz, Persia
  • Estimated Date of Production: early to mid 1600s
  • Dimensions: 266 mm in height, 196 mm in circumference
  • Weight: 885 grams
  • Colour: Light blue aqua
  • Technique:

    Blowpipe pontilled, freeblown, v-tooled and polished lip. Stringing around base of neck with seal and two lines of Farsi script.

  • Description:

    Bulbous wine of a very dense and pure glass quality, one of only two known sealed examples of this style of bottle. I have had five translations of the seal, all similar but different. All translators agree that the writing is the name of a person. The script on the seal appears to translate to (from right to left in order)

  • Built By: عمل”Kholamhosein” (First Name) غلامحسن “Adham” (Last Name) ادهم عمل غلامحسن ادهم
  • Provenance: Purchased November 2012, formerly in the Fairbourne collection
  • Condition:
  • Literature: n/a
  • Related Works outside of this collection:

    None yet