Octagonals…now there’s a puzzle. I know of six. I own one. I’ve represented all I know of five of the six here. They are attributed in print sources (contemporary print sources) as “Persian” – although “Persian” is sometimes a code word for “I don’t really know”.

DSC00931Bottle 1: PC-XXX HecklersBottle 2: Hecklers Auction Heckler Reference 1Bottle 3: Hecklers Reference One Heckler Reference 2Bottle 4: Hecklers Reference Two McKearin ReferenceBottle 5: McKearin Reference
Bottle 6: Sitting in antique shop in CT (Summer 2013) XXX  XXX XXX XXX

Bottle 1: In my collection.

Bottle 2: Lot: 12 Pattern Molded Bottle, probably Mediterranean or Middle Eastern, probably 17th century. Octagonal with each vertical panel containing two large X shaped decorations, peachy puce shading to pidgeon blood red with darker striations particularly in the lower portion of the bottle, sheared mouth with string rim – smooth base, ht. 6 3/8 inches. Similar to L/P plate 4, #1 and #3 Unusual, beautiful, rare. Robert W. Skinner, Jr. collection.
Estimate: $375 – $750 Minimum bid: $180
Price Realized: $761

Bottle 3 and 4: When I asked Hecklers where they got their reference for Bottle 2, they pointed at these two bottles – Bottles 3 and 4. I don’t know the name of the reference book, but the description says: “[First and third bottles] on this shelf origin unknown. We show these because they are unusual and extremely rare. Their origin could be local because of the color and the glass. Perhaps through publication of this book we may be able to verify the glass works. No. 1 [Bottle 4, above] is olive amber on top 2/3rds, bottom is darks amber, lattice type pattern to shoulder, ribbing to center on base, sheared lip and heavy rolled rim. {I can’t read the measurements, or any of the description of the amber bottle; my scan is extremely blurry].

Bottle 5: This one from Page 277 of American Bottles and Flasks (McKearin/Wilson):
“Bottle, streaked puce; octagonal body, short flat shoulder, long wide neck, applied crude collar just below irregular rough lip; plain base. Attributed to Persian. 18th – early 19th century. Capacity, 8 oz. Height, 5 1/2″. Diameter, 2 1/8″.”