Region From: Likely Isfahan or Shiraz, Persia.
Estimated Date of Production: Early to mid 1700s.
Dimensions: 249 mm in height, 165 mm by 125 mm in circumference.
Weight: 563 grams.
Colour: Olive green.
Technique: Sand pontiled (no glass residue on base), freeblown, two rouletted string rims cut on angles such that the glass appears to look like ropework. Sheared and unpolished (jagged) lip. Remnants of dirt and straw in crevasse between two lines of rope-work.
Description: Small Karaba Variant. This bottle brings me more joy than any other in the collection – it’s a thing of beauty. For someone who has knowledge of English and Continental black glass but who has never seen a piece like this, it’s wonderful – in the true sense of the word.
Condition: Very near mint, full gloss, substantial internal content stain.
Provenance: Purchased July 2012 from the Fairbourne Collection.
Literature: n/a
Related Works outside this collection: Unique, to my knowledge.