PC-089 SMALL FLASK (PC-089) Region From: Possibly Shiraz, Persia.
Estimated Date of Production: Early to mid-1800s.
Dimensions: 229 mm in height, 140 mm by 104 mm circumference.
Weight: 253 grams.
Colour: Light yellow.
Technique: 3 rings of glass stringing around neck, snapped off and rough lip, pushed up by apparently unpontilled based.
Description: Light, crudely made bottle that may be from elsewhere in the region, given the differences in construction. Tiny seed bubbles like PC-029, along with similarly thin glass. It has partially cleaned internal content stain and substantial basal wear, so I do not consider it a fake by any means.
Condition: 15 mm hairline extends almost straight down the neck from the lip.
Provenance: Purchased from the Fairbourne collection in November 2012; previously in the Brintnall collection.
Literature: n/a
Related Works outside this collection: none.