Region From: Possibly Shiraz, Persia.
Estimated Date of Production: 1700s.
Dimensions: 154 mm in height, 96 mm circumference.
Weight: 153 grams.
Colour: Pale aqua.
Technique: 1 ring of stringing on neck, everted lip, vertical ribbing, solid pontilled based. Circular glass “pocket” extends approximately 13 mm out from the side of the body.
Description: Fascinating “pocket” on the exterior. Not a pour spout because there is no hole into the body. Very curious, hoping to someday see a parallel in a metal or pottery form and perhaps learn what this extra bit of glass was intended for.
Condition: Very near mint.
Provenance: Purchased from the Fairbourne collection in November 2012.
Literature: n/a
Related Works outside this collection: Unique in this variant.