PC-166 FullPC-166 BasePC-166 LipPC-166 Side SADDLE FLASK – TYPE II (PC-166)
Region From: Likely Shiraz, Persia.
Estimated Date of Production: 1650-1700
Dimensions: 245 mm in height, 148 mm by 73 mm in circumference.
Weight: 654 grams.
Colour: Aqua.
Technique: V-tooled lip, 9 1/4 turns of stringing around neck. Long neck, equal to length of body, typical of Type II forms. Open pontil. Inner lip ledge.
Description: A curious anomaly in several ways. The stringing is thicker than on the Queen Anne bottle, which would make me think it was later, but this is the ONLY open pontil variant I own. See also PC-117, which is a solid-core pontil variant.
Provenance: Purchased 2014 from a Florida, USA collection.
Literature: none.
Related Works outside this collection: Earlier than the Queen Anne bottle, which is dated at 1708.