PC-117 bodyPC-117 sidePC-117 lipPC-117 basePC-117 SADDLE FLASK – TYPE II (PC-117)
Region From: Likely Shiraz, Persia.
Estimated Date of Production: Early 1700s.
Dimensions: 272 mm in height, 168 mm by 79 mm in circumference.
Weight: 565 grams.
Colour: Olive Green.
Technique: Solid core pontil, freeblown, v-tooled lip, pinched upper neck section, 9 clockwise turns of glass threading on neck.
Description: Top of lip less worked than other Type II bottles in this collection. Note that this is the only solid core pontilled Type II in the collection.
Provenance: Purchased November 2012 part of the Fairbourne Collection.
Literature: none.
Related Works outside this collection: none.