Region From: Likely Shiraz, Persia.
Estimated Date of Production: Mid to late 1600s.
Dimensions: 297 mm in height, 58 mm by 164 mm in circumference.
Weight: 496 grams.
Colour: Pale green at the top, down to a deep green with amber striations at the base.
Technique: Blowpipe pontilled, freeblown, everted lip, 20.5 clockwise turns of glass threading on neck.
Description: Long-necked bottle in a rich colour. My guess is that, like Dutch bottles of the 18th century, Persian bottles of an earlier age were painted and sold to tourists in later centuries – my understanding is the the Dutch bottles were mostly painted for English tourists of the 19th century. While the painting may be 20th century, I would expect it to be more likely 18th or 19th century. A biologist friend informs me that the flower depicted is most likely a Vanilla Orchid. I’m curious to know what that might say about the former contents of the bottle, or of the culture.
Condition: Very minor loss of glass stringing, stunning glass.
Provenance: Purchased October 2012, part of the Fairbourne Collection.
Literature: none.
Related Works outside this collection: Similar painted piece in Victoria and Albert Museum; two unpainted examples in a private collection in India.