Persian Rose Water Sprinkler ROSE WATER SPRINKLER (PC-120)
Region From: Possibly Persian.
Estimated Date of Production: Mid 1800s.
Dimensions: 270 mm in height, 85 mm in circumference.
Weight: 307 grams.
Colour: Medium cobalt blue.
Technique: Glass pontilled, freeblown.
Description: Smaller than most sprinklers. Imperfections are obvious in this sprinkler – the tip of the mouth has sagged, and the base clearly touched against something in manufacture. There is a chip off the base, but the base is not round – it juts out at the chip point, and it looks as though the sprinkler touched some other object – glass or otherwise – and the blower merely pulled it away.
Condition: Chip as noted above, very much “in manufacture.” Light internal haze.
Provenance: Purchased July 2013, from California, USA.
Literature: none.
Related Works outside this collection: nothing quite like this small size yet.