PC-164 FullPC-164 BasePC-164 LipPC-164 Side SADDLE FLASK (Type III)  (PC-164)
Region From: Likely Shiraz, Persia.
Estimated Date of Production: 1750 – 1800.
Dimensions: 230 mm in height, 182 mm x 88 mm circumference.
Weight: 861 grams.
Colour: Blue-green.
Technique: Lightly v-tooled lip, 1 3/4 turns of applied stringing, combination pontil (open pontil with bare iron scar in the middle). Seed bubbles throughout and vertical stress lines.
Description: Expanded mouth late Persian Saddle Flask.
Provenance: Purchased in 2014 from an American in California who had lived in Isfahan in the 1970s.
Literature: n/a
Related Works outside this collection: One example of a wide-mouth Saddle Flask in an American collection as of 2014.